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Pro Basketball Manager 2017 is now available!

The management sim from the Umix and Cyanide studios is now available on the Steam download platform. Work your way up to taking charge of the biggest basketball teams on the planet and make your players league champions!

With more than 20,000 players and 80 competitions worldwide, Pro Basketball Manager is one of the most complete sports sims on the market. The 2017 edition is released today, bringing with it many new features, such as customized information and messages that will enhance the player's immersion in his role as manager. Scouting, recruiting, 2D and 3D matches have also been reworked, among other changes. And, for the first time, the game integrates the Steam Workshop, allowing the game community to easily share the many mods and databases that are created each year. 

Pro Basketball Manager 2017 is available on Steam at a price of 19.99€, with an introductory offer during the first week. Moreover, thanks to a special coupon, owners of the 2016 edition enjoy an additional discount on the purchase of this new Pro Basketball Manager.