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Pro Basketball Manager 2016 is now available!

The ultra-realistic and comprehensive management game, developed by Umix and Cyanide, is released today on Steam, as well as on several other digital platforms.

Following in the footsteps of Cyanide's other sport management sims, Pro Basketball Manager 2016 allows the player to take control of all aspects of the life of a real basketball coach.

After browsing through the wide choice of teams from the smallest national side to the world's leading clubs, the player will select the side he wishes to lead in one of the more than 70 competitions that have been faithfully transcribed.

Dozens of features will offer each player a unique and personal experience during which all decisions will have an impact on finances, fan satisfaction, investor confidence or player fatigue.

For example, send your scouts around the world to uncover the talent that will feed into your team, be it a club or at national level. Thanks to your pre-game system settings (player tiredness/fitness and substitutions), it will be possible to create true defensive or offensive strategies to crush the opposition.

Moreover, customization of the game interface and swapping of databases with other players will allow everyone to create a unique experience adapted to his/her own style of play.

Discover, without further delay, the Pro Basketball Manager 2016 launch trailer and some of the many features available.

Pro Basketball Manager is now available via download on Windows PC for €19.99.
With the special launch offer, you'll be able to save 10% off this price during the first week. Owners of Basketball Pro Management 2015 on Steam will also benefit an exclusive offer allowing them to save 20% off the price.