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Compete in over 70 competitions around the world!

From the US collegiate championships to the renowned North American league, through the European, Asian and women's professional leagues, numerous competitions are playable in Pro Basketball Manager 2016.

As in real life, each league has its own rules and these have been faithfully reproduced in Pro Basketball Manager 2016. Depending on the competitions in which you take part, your bosses will fix your seasonal goals, which you can set even higher still!

The recruitment process applicable to your team will differ entirely depending on the league in which you play. If you run a non-professional team, in which the players are not paid, you must convince players to join your side by showing real interest in them. Whereas in the North American league, you will have to handle all the complexity of contracts, exceptions to avoid paying the luxury tax, not to mention trades or the draft. Finally, in the other leagues you will have to manage the buying of players, loans or free agents, taking care not to exceed the payroll allocated to your team for the season.

In addition to the competitions available for your club, you can also compete in international competitions such as the World Cup or the European Championship!

Pro Basketball Manager, the new realistic and comprehensive basketball simulation game by Umix and Cyanide studios will be available in January next year on Windows PC. Until then, we invite you to check out some new screens from the game: