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Plays are preset game phases which allow you to give instructions to be followed by players during attacks. Of course, according to the game situation, defensive adjustments or your authority, players will be able to adapt the play as they see fit.

This page allows you to check the existing plays or to create customized plays which you will be able to invoke during the game, before each possession phase!

Pro Basketball Manager 2019 includes an editor allowing you to create your own game systems in order to use them in game. To open it you just need to click on "Manager" and "Systems".

After clicking the "Create" button, you will fill the name of your new system, the initial positioning of the players or the defense against which it will be used.

To select an action, just click on the desired player then the appropriate action. The game will guide you on the parameters to set for the selected action (if it's a screen, it will ask you which player you want to block, if it's a pass, which type you want...).

Note that if you want to make a pass, the passer must be ahead of the pass receiver. Indeed, if the player who receive the ball is performing another action, this action will be deleted for the pass.

Finally, when you have completed your system, click save and it will be usable during games. Note that only appear in games ended systems, those that end in a shooting action.

All your systems that do not end with a shot will be on the menu under "unfinished systems" when you click on Load.

If you want to share your system, simply retrieve the associated .xml file located in the following folder :

Windows: "C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Local Low/Umix Studios/PBM2019/tactics".

MAC:"~/Library/Application Support/Umix Studios/PBM2019/tactics"


If you want to use a system downloaded from the Internet, simply put the system in the tactics folder  then click on "Import" in the game and select it.