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The game won't start

If the game won't start (or starts and ends immediately) you may try these options:

  • The game may be blocked by your antivirus. For example, many users of Avast noticed that the game was blocked by Avast without any notification. Attempt to disable your antivirus, reinstall the game and try again to play. If the problem is resolved configure your antivirus so it will not scan the game's folder again.

    More information about Steam antivirus policy : Steam Support

  • Update your computer. Launch Windows Update to look for updates. Once they are installed restart your computer. Repeat these 2 steps until Windows Update is unable to find new updates.

  • Update the drivers of your graphic card.

  • Try to give the game admin rights :

    Go in the game's folder (right click on the game in your Steam library, then choose Properties, then local files tab and click on "Browse local files"),
    Right Click on PBM2019.exe then properties,

    In the compatibility tab check the "run as administrator" and confirm.

If, despite these tips you are not able to play, please contact the support.