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By clicking on the button at the top right of the game button, then "Settings" you have the opportunity to change the following settings :

  • Language : Whatever version of the game you have, all languages can be activated, you simply go to the game options, select the desired language from the drop down list, confirm the changes by clicking the "Save" button and then restart the game.
  • Currency : You can always change the currency of the game in your settings. Note that conversion rates are fixed and equivalent to the conversion rate to 1st November 2018.
  • Window Mode : By enabling this option, the game will not be in full screen mode.
  • Resolution : Resolution Auto is the default and should be fine in most cases, it allows the game to expand its design based on the size of your screen. If that option does not suit you or for whatever reason you want to change the resolution, you can still force the resolution by selecting the desired resolution.
  • Simplified Trades : If this option is enabled, the North American championship teams will be less demanding on your trade deals (see trades section for more information)
  • Maximum skill value : Select if you want the players' skill to be on 20 or 100. You can change this setting when you want it will not affect your careers.