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Version 2018 ?

      mercredi 25 octobre 2017 à 10:31
Question annuelle ?
Des news sur le prochain opus ?
Qu est ce qui changera ?
      dimanche 19 novembre 2017 à 02:35
i would like pbm 2018 to be more like fm 2018 world transfers and free signings all showing,all contracts showing,a worldwide knowledge of basketball biggest leagues(adding current ability and potential ability in the editor)a choice to mask attributes or not and more and more research for the unplayable leagues that will have their ai for signing players.
editor must be powerful with options like fm editor,game must have much more options to make the game a little bit more easy to navigate
      dimanche 26 novembre 2017 à 21:48
It is possible to edit all the skills, including the potential, in the PBM17. The problem is/was that the editor is not stable and just touching some players got crazy (creating linked teams all over the world so unplayable leagues later Triste )

If that problem with the editor (linked teams) is solved and, finally, the skill 'experience' works (in PCB17 it never grows TristeTriste ) the potential of the game would be amazing.

Let's cross fingers, waiting for the PBM 18 Sourire

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